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Bring Your Dog To Work Day

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For one day a year you can leave the guilt behind and bring your 4-legged companion to work! As June the 21st is this year’s bring your dog to work day. What better way to spend a day at work than with your best friend?

Bring your dog to work day is a charity event and all money goes to All dog’s matter and Animals Asia. Not only does this day promise lots of fun for all dog lovers, it is also helping raise money for a great cause. The event first started in 2014 and reoccurs on the first Friday after Father’s Day every year. All dogs matter is a charity in London and the surrounding areas that rescue and rehome dogs. Animals Asia work towards improving the welfare of animals.

Many research studies have shown that by bringing your dog to work, stress is reduced and productivity is increased. Social interaction is also increased. Dogs can help form a common ground for conversation for people who struggle with social anxiety.


There are a few do’s and don’ts of course.

  1. Most importantly make sure your employer agrees with this and your colleagues don’t mind having a dog around for the day as some people could be allergic or afraid of dogs. Not everyone is a dog lover so don’t force your dog on them.
  2. Dog proof your work space – prepare your area before bringing your dog in, ensuring they can’t chew on any wires or get hold of any important files, put away anything that might be dangerous for them.
  3. Bring dog supplies – you can’t get out of doing work that easy, keep your dog entertained with toys, treats and some bedding to rest in. Don’t forget a water dish and poop bags.
  4. Don’t let your dog wonder around off the lead, you should know where your dog is at all times.
  5. If your dog is not the best behaved a working environment is probably not the best place to bring them. No one wants to listen to a barking dog during a meeting or see them doing their “business” in the middle of the office.

How to get involved

Individuals who donate £10.00 or more can upload a photo of their dog at work, it will be published into the Dog wall of Fame and there is a chance of winning mega prizes. To donate go onto www.bringyourdogtoworkday.co.uk Businesses can also donate or become a sponsor here also.

To keep an update of the date follow the hashtag #Bringyourdogtoworkday


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