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Choosing the right microwave for you

Microwaves are a popular kitchen appliance, the are mainly used to heat or reheat food quickly. Choosing the right microwave for you is mainly down to size and the intended purpose. Microwaves these days have many features to choose from.

Microwave use less energy when cooking, it cooks food by using radiation. How fast your food is cooked is based on the wattage power. Microwaves range between 600 W – 1200 W power.  Most microwaves come with a turn table which cooks your food evenly by slowly turning around during cooking.

There are 2 main types of microwaves, counter tops and built in. (over the range microwaves is another type, these cost most and are vented to the outside, usually this type need installing by a professional installer). Counter top microwaves might take up some worktop space, but they are cheaper and have a plug attached. Built in microwaves are an ideal option if you don’t have the counter space or for a more modern look, especially when matching this with a built-in single oven. Some built-in microwaves come with a plug whereas others need to be hard wired.

Solo Microwaves

When it comes to pricing this varies, it depends on the size, type and brand. Solo counter-top microwaves are the cheapest. Solo microwaves are more basic, most heat, re-heat and defrost food but can not grill or bake it. They do not normally have any special features.

The Candy CMW2070S-UK is one of our bestselling solo microwaves, available at £59.99. It is easy to use with two large rotary controls, one to select the time and one for the power. It is a 700 W microwave with a 20 Litre capacity.


Microwave with Grill

If you are after a microwave that is for grilling also but does not have all the functions as a convection microwave there are many Microwaves with grills available both counter-top and built in.  The Montpellier MWBI72X is an integrated microwave and grill that had 5 power levels and 8 auto cooking programmes for quick and easy cooking. The power levels when grilling is higher than reheating for microwave with grills. The MWBI72X is available for £145.00 at EAW, it has 1000 W grill power and is a 900 W microwave. The installation of microwave with grills can be either plugged n or hard wired, the Montpellier MWBI72X will need to be hardwired.


Convection Microwaves

Convection microwaves can perform all features of a standard microwaves but has additional features such as grill, bake, roast and crisp foods. Ideal if you are wanting a microwave for more than heating up food. Convection microwaves are more expensive due to the features and are often require more space because of the larger cooking area. Convection microwave use a higher temperature to heat food up.

The Montpellier MWBIC74B is a integrated combination microwave available at £430.00 at EAW. It has a 44 Litre cavity which is much larger than standard microwaves. The grill power on this is 1750 W. Features include child lock, 6 power levels and you can defrost by weight. The door on this is a pull down one instead of a side opening. This microwave is designed to match the Montpellier SFO67MBX single multi function oven, it will need to be installed by a professional installer.

Image result for Montpellier MWBIC74BImage result for Montpellier MWBIC74B


Looking after your microwave

Microwaves can last over 10 years if looked after properly. One of the easiest ways to extend its life is by wiping it down after use with a damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, which can scratch the finish. Splattered liquid and food can absorb the energy leasing to burnt spots and even causing damage to its components. Metal or foil should never be placed in a standard microwave (metal can be used in some convection ovens). Programmed settings are deigned to make the most efficient use, this minimises energy loss and heats the food effectively. Operating your microwave when it is empty can cause damage to your appliance.


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