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Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods are not normally the first thing you think about when upgrading your kitchen, however they are incredibly usefull. Sitting above your hobs or cookers this appliance prevents your kitchen from collecting dirt and grease a well as removing odours during cooking.

Types of Cooker Hoods


A wide range of cooker hoods can be used for extraction or re-circulation. An extraction cooker hood works by extracting the smells and grease by pumping it outside using ducting. This method is more efficient but can be louder as more power is needed to push the air outside. You also need to plan how much ducting you need. It is recommended that limit the ducting to 5 metres.

Re circulation works by using filters to remove the smells and grease, it is then recirculated back into your kitchen. Re circulation hoods tend to be cheaper and are easier to install as require no ducting; however this type may not be as effective. Filters would need to be change regularly as they can become clogged up.

Chimney Hoods

This style of cooker hood is the most popular type, chimney hoods tend to have a grease filter as well as a charcoal one, working together to remove odour and dirt from your kitchen. They come in a range of sizes, styles and pricing. The chimney hood often sits been 2 wall units and is generally made from stainless steel.

At EAW our most popular Chimney hood is the Montpellier MHG600X, this is a 60 cm curved glass hood, with 3 speed settings and rated A in energy.  It can be used for Extraction or Re-circulation. For Extraction charcoal filters and ducting will need to be purchased.

Integrated hoods

These are more discreet as they sit behind a door panel above the hob. To operate integrated hoods the door is pulled open. Ideal if you are short of space or have all built in appliances.

Visor or conventional cooker hoods

These types of hoods are usually fitted under a bridging wall unit. Like chimney hoods these are visible. The visor hood is one of the cheapest styles of cooker hoods, ideal for smaller kitchens.

Island hoods

Designed to be situated above your kitchen hob. Island hoods are integrated into the ceiling or suspended from one. The ducting tends to go up through into the ceiling. These hood are a feature point in any kitchen, they are more expensive than wall mounted hoods.

Décor hoods

Designed to make a statement in your kitchen decor or designer hoods are have a more modern and contemporary look. Most decor hoods act in the same way as a chimney hood and have washable aluminium and charcoal filters.

The Hotpoint PHVP66FLMK is a sleek and ultra-effective Vertical Glass Hood, suitable for both extraction or re-circulation.

Downdraft Hoods

Usually built into the work surface designed to fit behind your hob and raises out of your worktop when in use. The downdraft hood draws air down from the cooking surface. This type of hood may look good, but they are difficult to fit into a normal kitchen as require space underneath the kitchen surface for the engine.

The Montpellier DDCH60 is ideal for medium sized kitchens with 4 speed settings and a programmable timer. This hood is not suitable for gas hobs.

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