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Energy Label Reform

From March 2021 the energy rating labels on white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers,  fridge freezers have changed to simpler A-G rating. Currently there is still a lot of confusion surrounding these changes as consumers first reaction to seeing a F rated appliance is that is must be bad. This is not the case. The most popular models of fridge freezers will now be rated  E & F, they are highly efficient (formerly known A++ & A+).



These new ratings are set out to make it easier for consumers to compare electrical items. There will be a transition period where both labels will be supplied on each electrical item. The class A which is the most efficient class will be initially left empty, leaving room for progression in future developments. A QR code has been added, helping you receive more product information.

New energy labels for tumble dryers, ovens, hoods, vacuum cleaners and air-conditioners is expected to change in 2022.

Fridge Freezers 

The model numbers have also slightly changed for the appliances that have the new rating. For example the Hotpoint HBNF55181W1 frost free fridge freezer is now rated F, this is available at EAW from £319.99. This now has a “1 on the end. Ideal for all the family the HBNF55181W1 has a 152L fridge capacity, spread over 4 glass shelves. A 96L freezer capacity, spread over 4 freezer compartments and comes with a 1 year labour 10 year part guarantee.


Washing Machines

The Hotpoint NM11945WCAUKN 9KG washing machine is now rated B, this is available at EAW from £339.99. This washer in a new model.  The 9KG load capacity makes this appliance ideal for medium sized households. Features include: Stop&Add, steam Hygiene & Steam Refresh cycles and innovative ActiveCare technology takes care of your clothes by removing more than 100 stains at just 20°C*.


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