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Five games to play with your kids in the garden

Spring is here and the sun has finally come out. It is now the perfect opportunity to get the most out of this beautiful weather and play with your kids in the garden. We’ve brought to you today five great activities to enjoy family fun time without breaking the bank.

1- Chalk drawing

Kids love painting and drawing, so make use of this lovely weather and give them some colourful chalk and allocate some space on your garden patio for them to draw on freely. The best thing about chalk drawing is that it can be easily cleaned with water or just wait for the next rainy day to clean it all for you!

chalk drawing

2- Bug hunting

A great educational game that you can do with your kids to teach them observation, patience and a lot of new information about nature and the animal world. The game starts with asking your kids to search for insects, bugs and worms hidden beneath plants in your garden. To do that successfully, they need to walk slowly and quietly or else the bugs will run way. Once they find one, take a photo of it and save it for later. When they finish playing, bring your laptop, sit with them outside and help them to search online to learn about each insect they found.

bugs hunting

3- Treasure map

Hide a toy or some candy in a sealed transparent bag in the garden, draw a map to it and ask your kids to find it. You can make the game more complicated by hiding different connected maps that finally lead to the big treasure. In this way, you only give your kids map number 1, which leads them to map number 2 and they’ll keep following the maps until they find their way to the hidden treasure.

Ideally, hide some funny items as a reward for them with each map they find. You can also pretend to be the genie with a quiz that they need to solve in order to get the final map to the treasure. Reward them when they find the treasure with some healthy snacks.

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4- Playing with sand

If you are lucky enough to have a sand box, there is nothing better than playing with sand and buckets with your kids. Alternatively, buy some cheap sand bags from a toy store, fill any suitable container or cardboard box you have in your home and then let the kids play with it outside in the garden. You’ll be surprised how much they will enjoy playing with sand!

Playing with sand

5- Target

Line some buckets (or any empty plastic containers) in the garden away from the windows and give your kids small balls (or toys) that fit easily in these buckets. Let the kids throw the balls and aim for them to fall inside the buckets.

kid playing with a ball

Make sure to keep an eye on your kids at all times while they are playing in the garden and remove any dangerous gardening tools out of their way.

If their clothes get stained while playing, here’s an article to help you remove the stains without damaging the fabrics.

Here’s another one to help you deal with chocolate stains perfectly.

If you have any more garden-time games to share with us, please leave them in a comment!

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