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How To Choose Supermarket Flowers

There is nothing as wonderful as freshly cut flowers in the house.  They make it feel like a special occasion as we so seldom buy them for ourselves. They give many pure joy, but one of their biggest downsides is that they are often expensive. Treat yourself to some flowers this week by buying from supermarkets instead of the florist where you can save but have just as beautiful displays with these tips.

1. Avoid the pre-mixed  bouquets.

You can break up bouquets in to smaller details but many store bought bouquets tend to be less fresh and thus wilt faster. With a bit of thought you can make some really beautiful bouquets with your own skill. A good eye for colour will also help with your arrangements.

2. Choose the flowers you love. 

Whatever you think is beautiful then get it. If the flowers are for you pick whatever makes you stop and say wow. You will get so much more joy out of flowers that you really love the look of. You can also think about what rooms you want to display the flowers in and match the colour to your decor.

3. Get the freshest bunch.

Avoid flowers that are fully open they will be the first to go. Look out for slimy stems, brown leaves, or wilting petals. Try to choose flowers that have closed bulbs, they will last much longer and though they won’t give you the full effect straight away, it is a delight to see them open up one by one.

4. Flesh out with green.

When you look at professional florists’ creations, they use a healthy dose of foliage to make a dramatic impact. Using greenery within your arrangements creates a more natural look but it will also be a cheaper way of presenting beautiful blooms. There is not often lots of foliage on display in supermarkets so make use of your own garden.

5. Mix it up.

Flowers and foliage aren’t the only things that can make a floral arrangement stand out. You can use something unique to make an extra special display. Flowers, fabric, small ornaments, feathers, wire, fruits, use your imagination and you will be able to create something amazing. Look at the space you want to display it in and experiment with colours and textures to get the right look for your room.

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