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How to carve a pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin

Choosing the right pumpkin

The perfect pumpkin should have a stem between 1 to 2 inches thick, have no soft spots or punctures and of course be nice and orange. A pumpkin with a flat base will make it easier to display and sturdier to carve. You can get pumpkins from your local supermarket or farmers market, in fact many places will sell these leading up to Halloween. There are different shapes and sizes to choose from helping you be more be more creative.


You will need the following tools to carve your pumpkin; a large serving spoon, an ice-cream scoop, serrated knife, mixing bowl, maker pen, tea light or candle and finally a damp cloth. Before you start to carve you’re pumpkin you will need the maker pen to draw a circle around the steam of the pumpkin to separate the head from the body. The circle should be about 2-3 inches away from the stem.

To separate the head from the body you will need a sharp knife, ideally needs to be serrated. **Please ensure an adult is assisting children with this part.** Take your time.

pumpkin prep

Removing the filling

Once the lid is off you will need a large serving spoon and scoop to remove the pulp and seeds from the pumpkin into a bowl. You can use your hands if its easier. Scrap the pumpkin as clean as can as it will start to smell after a couple of days.

Tip; why not save some seeds for roasting. When dry place on baking sheet covered in oil and salt until golden brown. Check out our selection of cookers and ovens here; httpss://  httpss://


Be Creative

With a maker pen draw your design on your pumpkin,  follow the lines cutting with a serrated knife. **Please ensure an adult is assisting children with this part.** Be careful not to cut too deep into the pumpkin. Use a smaller knife for more detailed areas or for thinner pieces. Wipe off remaining marker pen with a damp cloth. You can also get templates of designs to copy on and cut around.

When carving is complete, add a tea light or candle in the middle. Light it at night so it is visible and looks spooky… Display in a safe area.

night pumpkin


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