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Improve Your View

Some of us are incredibly lucky to have fantastic views outside our home. Bedrooms that gaze across the hills, kitchens that face a beautiful garden and living rooms that look out on your quaint street. Yet for many of us our views leave much to be desired. Not so pretty streets, alleyways and bins, your neighbours old furniture waiting to be picked up by the council or an unsightly mess of a garden whose weeds are set to take over. Take the time to improve your view and make the most of your scenery.

1. Just do it
First let’s talk about the problem areas that you can sort out immediately. If the view has been compromised by a weed full garden or your own rubbish then get it cleared and get it done. Take care of the outside and the inside will look much better. If you have been putting off an outdoor tidy then get out while the sun lasts and just do it.

2. Tackle Neighbours
If it is your neighbour’s mess that is the issue, you can have a polite conversation with them about clearing up their rubbish or garden. But in the end it really is up to them being good neighbours and citizens, the ball is in their court. If the rubbish is a health hazard or large pieces of furniture are blocking access then you can call the council to find out if they can do something.  This is also the case for on street litter and fly tipping, get in touch with your council and get it sorted.

3.Glass Film
If there is no way to improve the view outside it is time to get creative inside to hide the view or at least distract from it. Adding glass film to your windows can be an affordable and simple way to block out the sights but keep light coming through. It is relatively cheap per meter, there are many brands and sizes and it is easy for a beginner to apply. There are several different design options as well, so you can have a plain and simple fully frosted look or something with a bit more of a pattern.

4. Patterned or textured sheer roller shades or curtains
Even simpler then adding film or frosting is to change your window treatments and get some new curtains or blinds. If they are lightweight or a sheer material they can be drawn the whole time, allowing light but covering the view. For heavier fabrics choose something bold so the attention focuses on the curtains or shades and not to the view outside. You can even use a combination of both sheer and bold so you can add a wow fact that people won’t want to look out at all.

5. Shutters
We love the look of shutters, they are more expensive then curtains but worth the price tag. You can use tier on tier shutters effectively to block out the view on the bottom sections but leave the top section open to let the light in. They are also a great option for adding privacy to a room.

6. Plants, Plants, Plants
One of the best way to disguise outside is to grow plants that will block out the offending view. Talk shrubbery can be used to block out almost anything but be wary of blocking out lots of light too. The same could be said for climbing plants like ivy or clematis which will eventually swamp a house, so plant wisely and keep on top of pruning if you choose this option

7. Plants Inside
Bring the plants inside and cover your window high and low with plants. Good for you and they will definitely make for more pleasant visuals. You can use hanging plants, create a window sill planter or place potted plants on a piece of furniture in front of the window. just don’t forget to water them.

8.Hanging plants outside
Not keen on covering your home in greenery? Take the hanging plants outside and hang above your windows. It will shade the window, change the view and add some colour to the outside of your home.

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