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Keep cool this summer

The summer months are here, the temperature is reaching 30°C. Whilst it is great to finally get some sun in the UK. Too much sun exposure is dangerous, and the heat can be very uncomfortable for us all. Here are a few ways to keep cool this summer.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential not just in the summer months but all year round. Being dehydrated can affect our energy levels massively, our heart then has to work harder to pump blood around the body. Drinking water will help sweat production, enabling your body to cool down. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine as they both enhance dehydrated as they are diuretics.

Eat small meals

When eating a large meal your body is working harder to digest it. Eating smaller and cooler meals during the heat will not only help your body cool down and but foods containing moisture will help to hydrate you.

Cucumbers contain 95% water, they can go in infused water, raw with a dip, with a salad or be made into a soup.

Mint is a herb that tricks our brains into thinking it is something cool. Together with a cold drink can easy your thirst.

Lettuce, kale and spinach are also high in water. They are packed full of vitamins and can go with endless meals.

Use a cooling sheet

At night-time we seem to feel the closeness of the heat the most, we become very uncomfortable, and therefore struggle to fall asleep. Cooling sheets use natural fibres that are often more breathable than synthetic sheets. Pillowcases that are organic cotton tend to be cooler also.

Tip: Why not put your sheets in the freezer for a couple of hours before you got to bed? This will you at a much cooler temperature long enough to fall asleep, or fill a hot water bottle up with cold water and place into bed.

Keep your living space cool

Direct sunlight will increase the temperatures in our homes. By keeping curtains and blinds shut you are blocking the sun from getting in and rooms becoming too warm. Keeping windows shut throughout the day prevents warm air from being trapped inside. Open them during the night when the breeze is cooler. By using a fan, you are helping your home feel a little bit cooler. You can buy desk fans from as little as £10.00.

Air conditioning units

Keep cool this summer in the office or at home with an air conditioning unit. These can be quite expensive. They provide a constant and comfortable temperature which can be altered by a remote control and minimise energy use. They reduce humidity in rooms. Filters on air conditioning units clean the environment from odours, reduce bacteria and dust.

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Stay protected

If you are out in the sun, find shaded areas, sunglasses, wear loose fitted cotton clothing ideally light colours as these won’t absorb the heat as much and wear sunscreen. Try and stay out of the sun during peak temperatures which is often between 11am-3pm.

If symptoms of sunstroke appear, move into a cool place straight away, drink plenty of water, take a cool shower cool off with a fan.


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