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National BBQ Week

27th May – 2nd June marks this year’s national BBQ week, a time to gather friends and family round to enjoy the summer nights. BBQ’s are a great way of entertaining, they become a centre point of gatherings. People watch you as you cook their food whilst relaxing in the garden drinking and laughing with friends in the sun. Children playing games, chasing each other and dogs waiting patiently for any dropped sausages.

Gas BBQ:

These run on bottled propane natural gas from your utility provider if converted properly. Gas BBQ’s are quicker to heat up and less messy as have no charcoal bits to tidy up after. They are widely available. Coming in various sizes and prices so they are not the cheapest of BBQs. Most standard ones come with 2 burners making this a suitable cooking method for around 6 people at a time. Larger models come with up to 4. If you have a gas BBQ with a hood you can roast or bake as well as grilling. Some also come with a metal hot plate that is handy if you have lots of things on the go or for frying vegetables.

Charcoal BBQ:

Charcoal BBQ’s are more affordable than gas ones and gives you the feeling of cooking over a open fire. They are often not to be as big as gas BBQ’s and are more portable. Handy for holidays too. They might take a bit longer to light but once going they can get really hot so food will be more chargrilled. This can however make it smokier. Chargrilled BBQ’s can be annoying to clean as you have to clean up the ash. These are also often lidded.

Disposable BBQ:

Designed for 1 time use and made from lightweight aluminium material with charcoal in place. Costs of these BBQ’s start from only £2! These small BBQ’s are ideal for a camping trip or at home for 2. Plus, there’s no cleaning up after as they should be disposed of safely. Make sure the BBQ is in a safe place and ideally raised off the ground on rocks or bricks so doesn’t burn the grass. Once lit it will keep burning for around 1-2 hours.


If you have lots of people coming around why not pre-cook your meat in the oven, just before you put it on the BBQ, also ensuring you have cooked your meat through properly.

Marinate your meat before cooking for extra flavour.

Prepare the salad before hand this saves you doing one less task when the guest arrives and so you can focus on cooking the meat only.

Purchase disposable cutlery and plates.


Looking for a new appliance?

Why not check out our range of ovens to help kick start your cooking for your BBQ, Montpellier have a range of Electric ovens suitable to everyone’s needs.

Keep your salad and vegetables fresher for longer with BOSCH’s multi box salad drawer in the KTR15NW3AG Larder fridge, matching freezer available.

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