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Ready for Winter

As the nights draw in and Autumn rapidly turns wintry, it is time to winter proof your home and get ready for the new season ahead. In this article we highlight home checks and repairs that need to be completed in the winter months,  chores to do in preparation and home decor changes to keep your home warm and bright in the darker months.

Home Checks and Repairs

  1. Check the roof for missing or damaged tiles, get them fixed before lashing rain begins
  2.  Inspect your pipes & service the boiler
  3.  Bleed the radiators
  4. Switch energy tariff to save money over Winter
  5. Sweep the chimney if you’ve got one, improves heat dispersal and reduces health risks
  6. Insulate your home properly, you can get grants and discounts from the government when it comes to cavity wall insulation
  7. Check windows and doors for rot air gaps, get it fixed to keep toasty

Autumn Chores

  1. Swap your wardrobe out. Pack your summer clothes away and protect from dust and damp.
  2. Set up a mud area near the front door so it is easy to take shoes and outer clothes off without bringing dirt through the house
  3. Clear gutters and drains of letters, preventing overflow and damp
  4. Bring potted plants inside if they need it, before the frost comes
  5. Clean patio and garden furniture, then store away.
  6. Wash external windows and doors
  7. Remember to turn your mattress unless it’s non-turn
  8. Schedule in getting your carpets cleaned by professionals or do it yourself with a home carpet cleaner.

Home Decor Changes

  1. Add pillows and blankets to keep warm on the couch
  2. Start collecting candles to add to the atmosphere
  3. Add more lamps to boost light in the dark months
  4. Consider a S.A.D. Light to improve your vitamin D intake and your mood
  5. Add heaters to the home to keep you feeling cosy.
  6. Snuggle down under an electric blanket for good sleep during cold nights

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