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Spring Cleaning

The nights are drawing out, the sun is starting to shine and there is a pleasant smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Spring! This gives us more motivation and moods are lighter, time for the annual spring clean. What can start out as a small task often leads into a bigger project. Here are a few tips how to help you get through and prepare for spring cleaning.



  1. Make a list of what rooms you need to go through and what needs to be cleaned from each room, this is a great way to help you stay organised. By doing this you can ensure you have the right cleaning materials to do this too.
  2. Make a ‘Spring cleaning’ play list; Let’s face it cleaning can be a tedious task, by creating a play list of your favourite songs it will help you stay more motivated.
  3. Buy some storage boxes to tidy clutter up or put the winter clothes away.


  1. Set a timer; This is so you don’t get distracted by things you may find hidden in your room that you have forgotten about, you don’t need to spend hours looking through old photographs or looking at everything in the same cupboard. The timer can also be to remind you to take a break.
  2. Clean one room at a time; Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be done in one day. Spread It out over a few weekends or however long you want, doing a room at a time if you wish. This saves you getting overwhelmed with it and so you can stay organised.
  3. Declutter; Go through each room. Any old items that can be recycled such as magazines do so. Bag up no longer used clothes and take to the charity shop.
  4. Work from top to bottom; When cleaning start from the ceiling and work your way to the bottom, this is to save you having to re-dust or vacuum. By doing the ceiling first you are forcing the debris downwards. Vacuums with an extension hose or handheld one’s will come in handy here.

The Hoover Multifunction HF18GHI Cordless H Free Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is one of our best sellers at only £135.00.

Hoover-hf18ghi4 life


  1. Open windows to air out rooms. Stale air over the window will have built up, get rid and let in fresh spring air.
  2. Use cleaning boosters such as vinegar, baking soda or lemons to get the job done quicker and more efficient.
  3. Clean the inside of appliances. Over time bacteria and dirt will have built up be sure to give appliances such as oven’s, washing machines and refrigerators a scrub.
  4. Once vacuumed why not steam clean carpets? This is a good way to remove stuck debris that are in there and helps removes stains.

The Vax S85CM steam mop has a 5m cord and multiple accessories turning this into a handheld machine, great for breaking down grime and grease.

s85cm life

5. Get some help! Don’t try and tackle this on your own.

6. Finally. Reward yourself! 😊

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