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Garlic Mushrooms in Butter

Garlic mushrooms in butter are full of flavours and make a great side dish, especially with meat or served with bread. If you are a garlic lover the combination of garlic and butter never gets old, making this dish perfect for you. You can make this delicious dish in as little as 15 minutes and serves 2 people. Making minimal mess this dish requires just one pan. For best results serve straight away. Ingredients 1 pound of mushrooms 4 tablespoons butter 1 sprig of thyme or ¼ teaspoon dried thyme…

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National BBQ Week

27th May – 2nd June marks this year’s national BBQ week, a time to gather friends and family round to enjoy the summer nights. BBQ’s are a great way of entertaining, they become a centre point of gatherings. People watch you as you cook their food whilst relaxing in the garden drinking and laughing with friends in the sun. Children playing games, chasing each other and dogs waiting patiently for any dropped sausages. Gas BBQ: These run on bottled propane natural gas from your utility provider if converted properly. Gas…

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