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Montpellier’s Guide To Refrigeration

Our Guide To Refrigeration Systems What are the different refrigeration systems?   There are four main refrigeration systems: Static, Low frost, Frost Free and Total No Frost. Depending on which system a freezer or fridge freezer has can affect the longevity of the food kept inside it and the amount of space available for storage too.   Total No Frost is the newest kid on the block in refrigeration systems. Total No Frost works on the same principle as Frost Free, but it also circulates air around the fridge as well as…

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Freestanding VS built-in kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances, such as ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines are not cheap to buy, they are a big investment and essential part in your everyday life. If you are already spending a lot of money on renewing your kitchen, then take your time before spending more on appliances so you don’t regret your purchase straight away. One of the confusing questions that you may face is whether you should get them free-standing or integrated in to your kitchen. Here is everything you need to know: The style and…

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