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Five games to play with your kids in the garden

Spring is here and the sun has finally come out. It is now the perfect opportunity to get the most out of this beautiful weather and play with your kids in the garden. We’ve brought to you today five great activities to enjoy family fun time without breaking the bank. 1- Chalk drawing Kids love painting and drawing, so make use of this lovely weather and give them some colourful chalk and allocate some space on your garden patio for them to draw on freely. The best thing about chalk…

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Top five Halloween games for the family!

Halloween is almost here! Spooky home decorations and customs are already everywhere. To help you host the best Halloween party this year, we’ve brought to you five of our favourite Halloween party games for kids and grownups! Bobbing for apples: You know what they say: Classic games never go out of fashion! And this is one of the oldest and most popular Halloween game in the UK. To do it, fill a tub with water and apples. Have players take turn and try to catch an apple with their mouth…

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