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Montpellier’s guide to buying the right hob

Energy Efficiency Under current legislation, hobs do not require an energy label so do not have an energy rating. The most efficient type of hob currently is an induction hob, as it heats the pan directly, rather than the hob surface. Sizes Standard hobs come with either two, four or five cooking zones. However, the dimensions for each size of hob can differ quite a lot. Always check the dimensions of a new hob before you buy to make sure it will fit in the space on your work surface.…

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Hobs buying guide

Finding the right hob for your kitchen is not the easy decision you thought it was. There are many types to choose from and each one has its own pros and cons. So which type is the right hob for you? Here’s a simple guide to get you started. Hobs types There are five main types of hobs; Gas, gas on glass, induction, ceramic, and solid plates. In this article we will explain the special features of each type to help you decide which one of them is the right…

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