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Top five Halloween games for the family!

Halloween is almost here! Spooky home decorations and customs are already everywhere. To help you host the best Halloween party this year, we’ve brought to you five of our favourite Halloween party games for kids and grownups!

Bobbing for apples: You know what they say: Classic games never go out of fashion! And this is one of the oldest and most popular Halloween game in the UK. To do it, fill a tub with water and apples. Have players take turn and try to catch an apple with their mouth while putting their hands behind their back. The winner is the one who picks up the apple faster than the other players. To add a little spooky touch to this classic game, add plastic spiders or candy creatures to the water and mix the water with one drop of red food dye to make it look a bit reddish. If only grownups are playing, you can replace the water with your favourite punch!

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Wrap the mummy: Buy some cheap toilet paper or colourful rolls. Divide the kids or the guests to two groups. Each group will choose one of them to be the “mummy” and the rest of the team will be in charge of wrapping up that person like a mummy. The group that does this fastest wins.

Hanging doughnuts: For this game, you’ll need a rope, ribbon, and doughnuts with a hole in the centre! First, tie a rope between two trees or any equivalent two fixtures in your garden or home. Tie each doughnut to a piece of ribbon and then to a rope. Make sure to have a doughnut for each player and that each one is hung slightly above mouth level. When the game starts, each player will try to eat the doughnut without letting it fall off the ribbon (using hands is not allowed). The one who finishes the doughnut first wins.

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Pin the spider: For this game you need:

  • Black yarn.
  • Glitter cards in various colours.
  • Scissor.
  • A4 white paper.
  • Pen.
  • Black piece of fabric for blindfold.
  • Double-sided tape.

Use black yarn to create a spiderweb and attach it to your wall with small pieces of removable double-sided tape.

Search for your favourite spider image and print it on regular A4 paper.  Cut the spider out of the paper with scissors and use it as a guide to draw a spider shape on your glitter cards. Cut the spider out of your glitter card with a scissor and place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of each spider. Now you are ready to play!

Blindfold the players then spin them around a couple of times and hand them a spider. Allow the players to walk towards the web and place the spider on it. The one who places the spider closest to the centre wins.

Ball toss game: This is a simple and easy game but at the same time full of fun!

The basic set up would be to line up a few plastic cups. The closest one to the players will score the lowest points and the ones further away will score the highest points. You can even use a permanent marker to write the score on the front of each cup.

Bring some ping pong balls and hand them to the players. Each player will toss the ball five times and attempt to get it into the cups, they are scored by the total amount of points marked on the cups he/she gets the ball in to. The one who gets the highest points wins.

To make it a bit spookier, choose orange and black cups and place them in a pumpkin shape, making sure that the black cups are placed where the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin should be. Fill the cups with random piece of candies for kids so they can win the candies inside the cups they hit. Or for grownups you can put some vodka jelly shots!  Just be sure to place this outside or on a waterproof mat to avoid splashes!




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