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Upright VS. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

So, you finally decided to invest in a new vacuum cleaner to make your daily life easier, especially if you have a house full of carpets or a pet running around and spreading tiny hairs all over the place. But what should you get this time? With so many choices in the market, you might end up paying for an expensive one that doesn’t really do the job. Here’s an easy guide to help you learn the main differences between available models and decide which one you should go for:

Weight and mobility:

For many people, weight is an important factor that should be considered, especially if you live in at least a two-storey house and need to lift the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs every time you want to clean a different floor. If weight is a concern to you, then consider the Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. This model is generally lighter than the Upright ones and can be easily pushed and pulled around the house to clean different rooms and floors.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners are also much easier to use in small rooms with limited space to manoeuvre. The suction head is separate and connected to the body with an external hose, making this type of vacuum cleaners ideal to use around and under furniture and in hard to reach areas like the stairs. Upright Vacuum Cleaners on the other hand are harder to use in crowded rooms and smaller spaces. They are designed with a larger and more powerful suction head that enables them to clean wider surfaces in less time, making this type ideal for big houses and heavy-duty jobs. They are also equipped with a long hose and a wand that are used to clean hard to reach areas with ease.

Carpets or hard floors cleaning?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners are best suited to be used on carpeted areas. The suction head is equipped with powerful brushes allowing it to deeply clean carpets from all type of dirt. The newest models come with brush-bar control that can be easily adjusted to suit the different depth of the carpet pile or even hard floors. However, they tend to be more expensive.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are designed to clean a wider radius and different surfaces with ease, including carpets, rugs and hard floors.

Pet hair?

Vacuum cleaners2

If pet hair is a concern to you, then you might want to choose an Upright Vacuum Cleaner. These ones are equipped with motorised and powerful brushes that can instantly get all the pet hair and any other fluff off your carpet. Cylinder ones are not as good in combating pet hair. Some recent models come with turbo brushes to improve their ability to pick up pet hair but they are still not as effective as the upright ones.

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Dust Capacity

When it comes to dust capacity, Upright Vacuum Cleaners are the winners. They have high dust capacity that will reduce the frequency of dust removal. Modern models also come with no bag to replace or even no filter to clean features but they are much more expensive.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners have smaller dust capacity. You’ll need to empty the bag more often, especially if you are cleaning large spaces.


Cylinder Vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter and smaller than the upright ones. They are typically compact for storage but only if you get one with a side clip that attach the hose to the body and keep it upright or else it’ll be a mess trying to store it. Upright Vacuum are much taller but tend to be more compact in their shape, they are easy to store if you have the right spot in your home.

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