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How to wash your coloured clothes

Many of us make the mistake of putting all our clothes together in the same wash. We think that advanced technology and improved detergents are now capable of cleaning different colours and fabrics together without causing any damage. But when your new black jeans start to look greyish we realise how wrong we were. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your clothes looking as good as new for longer:

  • First, separate your clothes into three piles: Light colours, dark colours, and black colours. Black colours can be washed with dark colours but if you can wash them separately it will help keep the clothing as black as possible.
  • Turn your clothes inside out, especially the black ones.
  • Wash dark and black clothes at a cool temperature (30o or below).
  • Use liquid detergents for coloured clothes rather than powder ones as they dissolve better in the cold water. There are also special liquid detergents for black clothes which can help to extend the life of your favourite items.
  • Choose the shortest programme on your washing machine. You don’t want your clothes to spend a long time soaked in water and detergents as these can increase fading.
  • Tumble dry your clothes at a low temperature, or just leave them to dry at room temperature. Line dry outside on an overcast but windy day to dry quickly. Avoid putting coloured fabrics out in bright sunlight as the sun can have a bleaching effect.
  • Check your clothes carefully and make sure no stains are left before putting them in the tumble dryer. The heat will set any stains and it’ll be very difficult to get them out after that.


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Understanding Wash Care Labels:

Always check Wash Care Labels on your garments to make sure you’re using the right temperature and detergents on your clothes. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the meaning of these labels:

Wash Care symboles-01

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