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Unlimited power vacuum by Bosch

“Let’s get you all set for a deep spring clean.

No need to hire professional help. With the Bosch Unlimited, you’re good to go.

The Unlimited 7 is a favourite within our vacuum range. With unbeatable flexibility and maximum power, the variety of attachments combined with a 40 minute run time make it the perfect partner for a spring clean or your general daily vacuum.

The crevice nozzle on the Unlimited 7

The crevice nozzle

You’ve likely seen this one before, but the crevice nozzle is perfect for just that – crevices! Behind doors, around door frames, skirting boards, and in those hard to reach areas, the crevice nozzle helps with effective cleaning in the smaller corners of your home where dust has a tendency to linger.

The long flexible crevice nozzle

Don’t even think about standing on unsturdy furniture to reach those higher out of reach areas, or your ceiling. Firstly, that’s not safe, and secondly, that’s what the long crevice nozzle is for.

For ceilings or above the stairwell, the long and flexible crevice nozzle can help you reach dust and spider webs without climbing up a rickety chair or step ladder!

Use the long flexible nozzle to reach those out of sight areas
2in1 brush with the Unlimited 7

2 in 1 furniture brush for upholstery and nozzle

Gone are the days of having to manually brush down your furniture. This small brush attachment is perfect for clearing your upholstery. Simply attach to the Unlimited 7 and run over your sofa cushion covers, chairs and curtains for a clean and fresh finish.

Keyboard and drawer nozzle

Now we get to the nitty gritty bits. The areas you completely forget about, but that can harbour the most germs, dust and crumbs.

The keyboard and drawer nozzle is an effective attachment for vacuuming those really difficult spots in between keyboard keys or other difficult to reach spots. The nozzle will avoid sucking up small objects so it prevents anything small and valuable from being sucked up such as jewellery.

Keyboard nozzle with the Unlimited 7
Mini power nozzle with the Unlimited 7 PromAnimal

ProAnimal mini power nozzle

Added power with an extra motorised nozzle, perfect for grabbing all of those pesky pet hairs and fibres from your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Mattress nozzle

Does what is says on the tin. You didn’t realise you needed this until now.

The mattress often gets forgotten during a spring clean. Sprinkle your mattress with a little baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil a couple of hours before vacuuming.

The mattress nozzle helps pick up dust, hair and mites that might be lurking under your sheet, setting up camp on your mattress. The baking powder and lavender oil will leave a fresh, calming scent.

Mattress nozzle with the Unlimited 7
Animal brush with the Unlimited 7 ProAnimal

ProAnimal Brush

Perfect for pet owners, or those who shed a lot of hair themselves. The brush is designed to pick up hair easily and efficiently and reduce tangling that could hinder your cleaning spree.”

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