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It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Here comes the sun and its getting hot in here!    (How many of the 16 summer song titles can you spot in our blog?) The temperatures are rising and whilst the sun is shining in the UK. Too much sun exposure is dangerous, and the heat can be very uncomfortable for us all. Here are a few ways to keep cool this summer in our heatwave. STAY HYDRATED Staying hydrated is essential not just in the summer time but all year round. Being dehydrated can affect our energy levels…

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Man Cave & She Shed’s

Man Caves and She Shed’s are perfect for all sorts of reasons like hiding from your kids and having some time out, a place to share with friends and family, to study and work hard on your own, a retreat for mindfulness or a space to do crafting the reasons are endless. These places have been created in garages, lofts, cellars, summer houses and sheds, anywhere there is a space!  A retreat of your very own and a place you can design as your heart desires, as anything goes. A…

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Household Appliances for Independent Living

Getting older is a fact of life, and for many it means losing a little bit of treasured independence. As those aches and pains creep in it can be harder to look after your home. Household appliances in particular can often pose a problem. Where you once hoisted the vacuum cleaner up the stairs with no problem, you might now not be able to. Or bending to put clothes in the washing machine might make you feel like you are going to fall. But this needn’t mean you need to…

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Vented, Condenser or Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

If you live in the UK or just moved here, you could be one of those people who has fallen in love with their umbrellas, or simply enjoy the cold weather and rainy days. Either way, while you have found your own way to cope with the rainy weather, your wet and washed clothes are still struggling to dry and you may eventually feel the need to invest in a tumble dryer. Choosing the right tumble dryer can be a bit challenging. There are many available types and each one…

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How to remove chocolate stains from clothing

Chocolate is one of the world’s favourite treats and this time of year in particular is known to be the “chocolate season”, where shops are well-stocked with tasty chocolate eggs that you can enjoy and share with your family and friends. It’s also the time of year where you can expect to find chocolate stains everywhere, especially if you have little ones in the house! So what should you do if you end up with chocolate stains on your favourite clothes? The rule of thumb with any stain is to…

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Easy and natural ways to dye eggs this Easter

If you are looking for fun and creative ways to dye eggs with your kids this Easter, this article is for you. We’ve brought to you four natural and effective ways to get beautiful dyed eggs without being exposed to chemicals in food dyes. All the ingredients that we will use are inexpensive and easy to find in your local store. Make sure an adult is there to supervise because the first task is to prepare the eggs in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. Now you’re ready to…

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How to wash your coloured clothes

Many of us make the mistake of putting all our clothes together in the same wash. We think that advanced technology and improved detergents are now capable of cleaning different colours and fabrics together without causing any damage. But when your new black jeans start to look greyish we realise how wrong we were. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your clothes looking as good as new for longer: First, separate your clothes into three piles: Light colours, dark colours, and black colours. Black colours can…

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Upright VS. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

So, you finally decided to invest in a new vacuum cleaner to make your daily life easier, especially if you have a house full of carpets or a pet running around and spreading tiny hairs all over the place. But what should you get this time? With so many choices in the market, you might end up paying for an expensive one that doesn’t really do the job. Here’s an easy guide to help you learn the main differences between available models and decide which one you should go for:…

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Patio awning ideas for winter

Choosing the right awning for your patio could be a good investment that will complement the design of your garden and provide a relaxing, colourful outdoor space that your family will enjoy. Most awnings are designed to be used during the sunny season. However, when chosen right, awnings will provide good shelter from rain, letting you enjoy the morning coffee in your garden throughout the year. There aren’t many types of awnings available that can withstand the harsh winter weather. A good choice would be a winter retractable awning. This…

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Effective ways to clean your curtains

Curtains tend to collect dust, pet hair, and bacteria very easily. They also absorb all different types of odours from around the house. Overtime, this could significantly affect the quality of your indoor air and the beauty of your home, not to mention increasing symptoms for allergy sufferers.  Even if your curtains don’t look dirty, regular cleaning will help to keep them fresh, extend their life, and ensure a healthy environment for your family. Read on for simple and effective ways to clean and maintain your curtains. Seasonal cleaning: Seasonal…

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