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Static Or Frost Free Freezers

We all know that freezers come in a range of sizes and colours but not everyone knows they are static or frost free. Choosing the right one for you and your family is important. The freezer is one of the most used home appliance. While static freezers and frost free freezers may look the same on the outside, have similar features the price range on these are very different.

Many under counter freezer have a reversible door allowing it to fit perfectly under count tops. Freezers up to 200 litre capacity are ideal for smaller households up. The fast freeze setting on certain models will keep frozen goods fresher for longer.


Static freezers

Static freezer use a cooling system where the air is circulation around the appliance. Most models now have a fan system These freezes are the most common type of under counter of freezers, they are more energy efficient and don’t require as much Amp usage.  These types of freezers will need defrosting every few months (for how to defrost a freezer see here)

The Iceking RZ109AP2 is our most popular static freezer, it is available only £124.99. At just 48cm wide it is compact, making this ideal for smaller kitchens. With 3 transparent drawers it can hold up to 62 litres. With a 4* freezer rain, your food will stay fresher for longer. Couple that with A+ energy rating this Iceking freezer will save you money.

Frost free freezers

Frost free freezers are more expensive than the static freezers, this is due to the single motor ventilation device that blocks the formation of frost in your freezer. This type of freezer is better at maintaining a consistent temperature, therefore keeping your food fresher for longer.

The Hotpoint FZA36G under counter freezer is frost free, available for £299.99. It has 75 litres of storage capacity. Comes in a modern graphite finish ideal for under counter storage, with 3 storage compartments, one being a super freeze compartment which is highly useful as Super Freeze in the freezer to quickly freeze fresh food, keeping it as fresh as the day you bought it.

Other types of freezers are low frost or total no frost. Low frost freezers reduce the frost by up to 50%. Whereas total no frost ensure you never have to defrost again thanks to the cool air constantly circulating around the appliance. (see here for our wide range of refrigeration)


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