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Unlimited power vacuum by Bosch

“Let’s get you all set for a deep spring clean. No need to hire professional help. With the Bosch Unlimited, you’re good to go. The Unlimited 7 is a favourite within our vacuum range. With unbeatable flexibility and maximum power, the variety of attachments combined with a 40 minute run time make it the perfect partner for a spring clean or your general daily vacuum. The crevice nozzle You’ve likely seen this one before, but the crevice nozzle is perfect for just that – crevices! Behind doors, around door frames, skirting…

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Spring Cleaning

The nights are drawing out, the sun is starting to shine and there is a pleasant smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Spring! This gives us more motivation and moods are lighter, time for the annual spring clean. What can start out as a small task often leads into a bigger project. Here are a few tips how to help you get through and prepare for spring cleaning.   Preparation Make a list of what rooms you need to go through and what needs to be cleaned from each…

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Upright VS. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

So, you finally decided to invest in a new vacuum cleaner to make your daily life easier, especially if you have a house full of carpets or a pet running around and spreading tiny hairs all over the place. But what should you get this time? With so many choices in the market, you might end up paying for an expensive one that doesn’t really do the job. Here’s an easy guide to help you learn the main differences between available models and decide which one you should go for:…

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