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Montpellier’s Guide To Refrigeration

Our Guide To Refrigeration Systems What are the different refrigeration systems?   There are four main refrigeration systems: Static, Low frost, Frost Free and Total No Frost. Depending on which system a freezer or fridge freezer has can affect the longevity of the food kept inside it and the amount of space available for storage too.   Total No Frost is the newest kid on the block in refrigeration systems. Total No Frost works on the same principle as Frost Free, but it also circulates air around the fridge as well as…

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Montpellier’s guide to buying the right hob

Energy Efficiency Under current legislation, hobs do not require an energy label so do not have an energy rating. The most efficient type of hob currently is an induction hob, as it heats the pan directly, rather than the hob surface. Sizes Standard hobs come with either two, four or five cooking zones. However, the dimensions for each size of hob can differ quite a lot. Always check the dimensions of a new hob before you buy to make sure it will fit in the space on your work surface.…

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Montpellier Retro Fridge Freezers

Retro fridge freezers are a popular choice amongst homes, they add colour, giving your kitchen a unique look. Depending on your budget or what type you are after there are many retro fridge freezers available. At EAW our most popular brand of Retros are by Montpellier. Under counter Retro Starting with the Montpellier MAB2031 range, a mini under counter, top mount fridge freezer, ideal for small spaces with a width of only 47.9 cm. Coming in 5 different colours: white, cream, pastel blue, black and red. It features a 1950’s…

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