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Montpellier Retro Fridge Freezers

Retro fridge freezers are a popular choice amongst homes, they add colour, giving your kitchen a unique look. Depending on your budget or what type you are after there are many retro fridge freezers available. At EAW our most popular brand of Retros are by Montpellier.

Under counter Retro

Starting with the Montpellier MAB2031 range, a mini under counter, top mount fridge freezer, ideal for small spaces with a width of only 47.9 cm. Coming in 5 different colours: white, cream, pastel blue, black and red. It features a 1950’s sleeks and stylish handles.


Made up from 62 litre capacity in the fridge and 26 litres in the freezer. The freezer compartment is 4* rated. It has an A+ energy rating, saving you money of your bills. The Montpellier retro range all come with a 2-year guarantee. This fridge has two tempered glass shelves, a salad crisper and in door storage. The Montpellier MAB2031’s are one of our best-selling products starting from £179.00. This model is unsuitable for cold locations, such as garages and other outbuildings.

Another under counter retro by Montpellier is the MAB550C and MAB551C Cream Fridges. These two may look identical on the outside but on the inside they are completely different. Both of these fridges are available at £222.00.

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Montpellier MAB551C. The mini retro under-counter icebox fridge is small enough to fit under your worktop or can stand alone. That’s not to say it is cramped though, as the fridge has a spacious 93 litre capacity, plus an additional 13 litres in the icebox.

Montpellier MAB550C – This retro mini fridge is a larder, meaning it has no freezer compartment, or ice box, in the top. This makes it ideal for those who have a separate freezer or prefer to eat the freshest food. Inside it has three adjustable glass shelves so you can change the fridge configuration depending on what you are storing in the fridge. The capacity of this larder fridge is 121 litres making it quite large for a 55 cm fridge.

Table top Retro

New in from Montpellier’s retro range is the MAB50’s, a mini tabletop fridge, with a compact 44 litre capacity and full metal back. This retro fridge comes in 4 different colours, black, white, cream or red. Keeping with the traditional look by Montpellier it features a chunky handle and has an energy rating of A+. The table top retro’s are currently priced at £164.99.

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

The MAB385’s are a frost free 60/40 split range of fridge freezers with a height of 183.7 cm. A great statement piece for any kitchen, this fridge freezer brings you plenty of space, allowing you to store a large shop. Being frost free you will never have to defrost your freezer again. The MAB385 is available at EAW for £545.00 and comes in 4 different colours: cream, black, red and pastel blue. The fridge compartment holds an impressive 231 litres, spread over multiple shelves, in door storage and even features a wine rack. The freezer has 3 compartments, holding a total of 87 litres.


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This type of retro fridge freezer also comes in a static version, MAB365. For the full retro range by Montpellier visit their website; www.montpellier-appliances.com.

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